Product code: 4471

  • Install yourself!
  • 10-year color warranty
  • Teckentrup panels (Germany)
  • Electric operator or manual control
  • Max height - 2.25 m
  • Max width - 4.2 m
Starting from:
607.42 €
pc. *with VAT 21%

TermoLift garage doors designed for easy installation - do it yourself!



Panels are made from two metal sheets filled with high-quality thermal insulation. Panel thermal insulation - 0,56 U (W/m² K). The panels are 40mm thick.

Harmonious design thanks to the invisible panel connection. Always even panel height/size and a defined door design.

10 year color warranty.

Available in white, brown, silver and anthracite colors, or in the imitation of golden oak, dark oak or mahogany tree.

Garage door panels manufactured by “Teckentrup” (Germany).



TermoLift hardware has a new lifting system. This allows you to save money, by giving you the opportunity to install the doors easily and quickly. This is the most cost-effective and popular solution in the world in recent years, now available from us. 

Thanks to new TermoLift lifting hardware, garage doors are safe for use and can be easily maintained.



Manually- locked from the inside with slide bolt or from the outside with a lock.

Electric operator - operated by a remote control, wall button or smartphone.



Electric operators

Marantec Comfort 200 series (Germany) – European market leader. It is built with the latest technology that provides a safe and particularly quiet operation.

Integrated energy-saving technology and LED lighting make them particularly energy-efficient, and the control unit works on a door-friendly principle. A sensitive obstacle detection function which stops the door and reverses as soon as it touches an obstruction, and a push-open security device that prevents break-in attempts, are safety features for the whole family offered by openers in the Comfort 200 series These openers have running speed of 160 mm per second.


Functions for Marantec operator:

  • Remote control –  open/close garage doors from distance.
  • Soft run – slow down speed at the end of travel.
  • Operators lights – lighting duration programmable.
  • Garage lights (optional) – can program to switch on/off garage light when entering or leaving garage.
  • Battery backup (optional) – allows operate doors in case of electricity failure
  • Photo barrier (optional) – stops the garage doors before leaf touches an obstruction and protects from personal injuries and material damages. Especially recommended for families with small children!
  • Automatic closing (only with photo barrier) – closes the garage doors when passing photo barrier.


Measure, order, and install yourself!