RIPO Chiller

Product code: FDChiller

  • Sliding doors
  • Minimum room temperature 0 'C
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304
  • The gate panel is 60 mm or more

The chiller sliding doors are intended for the rooms with the temperatures ranging from 0 to +5 degrees Celsius.

Due to the room conditions and wall constructions, the various constructions of door panels and doorframes are used. Each door is individually designed to ensure durability and pleasant work for many years.

Door panel:

Made of 0,8 mm stainless steel or 0,75 mm coated steel. The thickness of the door panel is 60 mm or more at request. The door panels of envelope structure are welded in the corners and form therefore solid and hygienic constructions, made with great attention. There are stainless steel reinforcements installed inside the door panels!!!

The thickness of the large-size combined doors is 100 mm.

The door panels can be produced in 3 variants:

a) standard variant - one-piece envelope structure;

b) large-size doors - two- or multi-piece envelope structure;

c) door panels made of sandwich panels in the stainless steel doorframes (this is the most-cost effective but least hygienic solution).

Probably, as the only producer of the specialist doors, we spot steel on our own (round and strip spotting). Thus, our customers can freely select doors that most correspond to their tastes.


The two-component rubber seal in a special profile around the perimeter of the door. This solution eliminates the thermal bridge of the door panels. The lower part of the seal is hard and ensures a solid fit. The upper part is soft, adjoins the doorframe, ensuring a good tightness and light work of the door. The door bottom is sealed by a durable, full rubber seal. The door can be equipped with a threshold flush with the floor level or without threshold.

Sliding rail: Classical, stainless steel rail with cover or stainless steel pipe rail.

Latches (option): Classical lock, safe lock.

Door pusher: Integrated internal and external pusher, as a standard.