RIPO dock PS

Product code: LSPS

  • Top quality
  • Electrohydraulic
  • Follows the movements of the vehicle

The stationary dock leveller with swing lip (PS) is a new product of RIPO's wide product range.

The electro-hydraulic PS leveller is operated at the touch of a button. As soon as the platform has reached its highest position the lip swings out automatically and comes to rest on the lorry bed. During
loading and unloading the RIPO dock leveller follows the movements of the vehicle (automatic floating position).


Dock leveller (all dimensions in mm)
Load capacity for all sizes: 60 kN (dynamic), 84 kN (static).
NL = Nominal length, NW = Nominal width, LL = Lip length, LH = Leveller height,
A = Level equalisation above dock, B = Level equalisation below dock.

Other load capacities and sizes are available on request.