RIPO Helix

Product code: AVHelix

  • Spiral wind-up system
  • Compact hinge design
  • Available in a micro line profiled finish
  • Class 3 / 4 wind load resistance
  • High insulation value
  • High opening speed

RIPO has set ambitious targets for insulation, noise and prices.

Specially designed castors reduce noise to a minimum. This patented system also complements the elegant design of the RIPO Helix. Traditionally, frequently used exterior openings have two built-in doors; thermally insulated doors for night use and high-speed doors for day use. The new RIPO Helix design combines the best of two products into one.

An investment that pays off in the shortest possible time

These doors open 6 times faster than comparable sectional doors. The height of the Helix standard profile is 366 mm.