Product code: SVIG40

  • Aluminum all-glass sections
  • Double-chamber plexiglass
  • 40 mm panels
  • Height: max. 8 m
  • Width: max. 6 m

Where custom design is desired, aluminium-profile fully glassed sections offer the best solution.

This combination makes for especially elegant doors and allows the maximum amount of light to enter the premises (approx. 90 %).


    Industrial doors can be equipped with a door featuring a standard threshold.
    Now, you can also get low-threshold doors. This innovation promotes barrier-free access, making it possible for a wheelchair to exit the premises without needing to open the gate.
    The industrial door can also be equipped with cut-out windows, which is a cost-effective solution to allow light into the room with zero heat loss.
    The industrial door is equipped with a slide bolt, which allows the gate to be locked from the inside.
    The industrial door can also be equipped with a key lock to allow for locking from the outside.

Industrial door raising options:

    Manually — recommended for small-sized gates.
    With a chain – recommended for gates with height exceeding 3 metres.
    With an automated system – recommended  for convenient use or industrial door subject to intensive use.