Product code: UVIMFT30

  • Swing door for indoor use
  • Large range of RAL colours
  • Certified fire-resistant and smoke-proof characteristics
  • Short installation time

Very easy to open and close the door without the need for excessive force.

After having opened the door the closing weight is disengaged if the hold-open device has been activated and the door can easily be moved to any position. When the hold-open device is triggered the door is automatically closed from any position.

Increased stability of individual elements.

Slopes and inclines where the door opens can be compensated for via the adjustable bottom profile. The door have certified fire-resistant and smoke-proof characteristics


Width: 1000 – 8500 mm
Height: 2000 – 6000 mm
Door leaf thickness: 72 mm
Metal sheet thickness: 1.0 mm
Element weight: approx. 33 kg/m²