Product code: UVIMFT90

  • Sliding door for indoor use
  • RAL of your choice
  • Galvanised door leaf and door seal
  • Fire and smoke proof
  • 1-leaf and 2-leaf
  • Also in stainless steel

Fire protection sliding doors perfectly merge a modern styling, compact design, easy installation and simply operation.

Choose between using a wicket door and applying fire-resistant glazing. The fire-proof T90 sliding doors can also be equipped with a wicket door and fire-resistant glazing in the door leaf and/or wicket door upon request. T90 sliding doors are also available in stainless steel versions and consequently not only meet high design demands, but also requirements in particularly hygienic environments.
The door have certified fire-resistant and smoke-proof characteristics.


Nominal construction dimension,
Width: 1000 – 8500 mm
Height: 2000 – 6000 mm
Nominal construction dimension,
Width: 1500 – 8500 mm
Height: 2000 – 6000 mm
Door leaf thickness: 72 mm
Metal sheet thickness: 1.0 mm
Element weight: approx. 44 kg/m²