RIPO Polara

Product code: AVPolara

  • Class 0 wind load resistance
  • Safety photocell in the door opening
  • Operates down to -30 ° C
  • Dual radar for detecting ice
  • Bottom beam with multilene end pieces

When hygiene is vital at low temperatures.

The RIPO Polara is suitable for use in the food industry where stringent hygiene and safety requirements apply when producing and processing fresh foods. The Polara door provides an effective seal in freezer cell openings. All components are heated. The door opens automatically every 15 minutes to prevent icing.

Specific features:

Heated side guides
Heated control unit
Heated photocells
Rubber seals instead of brush seals
IP65 drive and control unit

max. surface area(WxH) 17,5M2
max.width (W) 3,500mm
max. height (H) 5,000mm
opening speed 1 m/s
closing speed 1 m/s 
door curtain weight 680gr/m2
door curtain thickness 0,7 m