Product code: LSPAT

  • Mounted as a self-supporting unit
  • Operated at the touch of a button
  • Follows the movements of the vehicle

Consists of a hydraulic dock leveller with a telescopic lip and lateral treads which are reinforced on their bottom side.

The PT leveller of the PAT system is operated at the touch of a button and after exact positioning the telescopic lip automatically follows the movements of the vehicle during the loading or unloading process (automatic floating position).  The big advantage of this type of dock leveller is the maximum flexibility of the lip contact length. Thanks to this feature effective loading and unloading even of vehicles that are not completely correctly positioned can be guaranteed and time-consuming and complicated repositioning of the vehicle is not necessary.


All dimensions in mm

Load capacity for all dimensions:

60 kN (dynamic), 84 kN (static). NV = 
Loading ramp nominal length (NL + 20), NL = Dock leveller nominal length, NW = Dock leveller nominal width, OL = 
Overall length, LE = Lip extension, LH = Leveller height, DH = Dock height, DW = Dock width, MW = Loading ramp 
module width, A = Level equalisation above dock, B = Level equalisation below dock, AW = Installation angle. 
(All loading ramps available standard installation angles of 90°, 45°/135°, 60°/120° and 75°/105°. Further angles are available on request.)