RIPO Retail

Product code: AVRetail

  • Opening speed - 2 m / s
  • Quiet opening and closing
  • Possibility to personalize
  • Max height - 2.6 m

These days, supermarkets also have to look attractive.

The products on display need to be presented accessibly an appetisingly. The retail door puts the finishing touches to a succesful in-store presentation. This rapid roll interior door with its opening speed of 2 m/s is not just one if the fastest of its kind,it also opens and closes in near silence.
The standard tubular motor allows elegant styling without taking up excessive space in the store. And if you truly want to dot your i's and cross your t's in terms of presentation,you can also print your logo or a photographick image on the PVC door curtain.

Flex-Edge instead of aluminium lower beam,
counterwight instead of spring for balancing,
industrial integrated drive,
multiple photocells in the side guides,
mechanical release in the event of powerfailure,
door curtain featuring a print of your choise.

max.width (W) 2,250mm
max. height (H) 2,600mm
opening speed 2 m/s
closing speed 0,5 m/s 
door curtain weight 650gr/m2
door curtain thickness 0,7 m