RIPO shelter PMV

Product code: LSPMV

  • Quick and low cost installation 
  • Made of durable extruded aluminum 
  • Highly tear-resistant canvas

The differences in the dimensions between the door opening of a warehouse and the docked truck form empty spaces that must be sealed as tightly as possible.

Front and rear frame of PMV shelter is made of durable extruded aluminum sections resistant to hard operating conditions, that are connected to each other by means 
of a system of parallel, articulated arms. With such a system of parallel guidance the front structure leans back in case of inaccurate docking by a vehicle. Even the vehicle which is not centrally docked will not damage the shelter. 

Highly tear-resistant, 3 mm thick canvas made of PVC and fixed to flexible frame.

Special Spring tensions generate additional pressure of the shelter against the vehicle, ensuring improved sealing. The front part of the dock shelter includes approach strips facilitating vehicle docking. Rain water is drained using side gutters integrated with the shelter/loading house. The top curtain is by standard made with side slits (cuts). Optionally we also provide the version with partially or fully slit curtain. The equipment is delivered in three pre-assembled parts, including sets of connectors appropriate for the structure of the building, which ensures quick and low cost installation in any construction industry situation.


Nominal widths mm: 3250, 3300, 3400, 3450 (optionally to 3600 mm)
Nominal heights mm: 3200, 3400, 3500, 3600 (optionally to 4700 mm)
Structure depth mm: 600, 900
Top curtain nominal height mm: 1000, 1200, (optionally to 1500 mm)
Side curtain nominal width mm: 600 , 700
Installation height mm: 4500 (recommended)