RIPO Strong

Product code: AVStrong

  • Reinforcement brackets for greater wind resistance
  • Roller coating of steel, stainless steel or plastic
  • Max width - 5 m
  • Max height - 5 m
  • Wide choice of colors

The RIPO Strong is the basic high speed roller door model for intensive use.

The door curtain is made of horizontal sections of extremely durable polyesterren-forced PVC. All aspects of the door are robustly designed and well-engineered for every day energy saving,draught exclusion and climate control. Designed for use in general industry and commercial buildings. Proven tehnology guarantees many years of trouble-free operation.

Specific features:

Robust steel guide side columns fitted with brush seals guide the door curtain, the sections are connected to each other by aluminium stiffener/hinge profiles, aluminium bottom beam with rubber floor seal, light curtain as standard.

Available with a FlexEdge bottom beam
all construction parts in stainless steel
cover over roller in steel,stainless steel or plastic
plastic cover over drive
windows made of transparent plastic or mosquito netting.

max.surface area (WxH) 25m2
max.width (W) 5,000mm
max. height (H) 5,000mm
opening speed 1 m/s
opening speed with frequency control 1,8 m/s
closing speed 1 m/s 
closing speed with frequency control 0,5 m/s
door curtain weight 680gr/m2
door curtain thickness 0,7 mm